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Building multi-tenant application with Asp.Net Core

Recently I was trying to build a multi-tenant application using Asp.Net Core. In that journey, I found an amazing series by Ben Foster where he wrote step by step guide to building multi-tenant application with Asp.Net Core and SaaSKit (A developer toolkit for building SaaS applications). With the help of that series, I am able to build foundation for multi-tenant application. I have added a bit more features in my sample like creating a database per tenant as they loaded the first time. I have shared my multi-tenant foundation application in GitHub so that other can get an idea to build their own. I will add more features along the way.

Hope this helps you to get started to build a multi-tenant application with Asp.Net Core. The code is available on GitHub.

Enjoy !!!

  • Rohit Pundlik

    How can I use/integrate saaskit OR your project with Identity server 4 ?


    • Hi Rohit,
      I have been thinking few ways to integrate Identity Server 4 but didn’t get chance to try it yet. Will try it and let you know if it goes right.


      • Hakeem Babatunde Oriola

        Great work you have dome Janak, I will be interested in the IdentityServer4 integration

  • Rohit Pundlik

    Hi Janak,
    Can you please show how can we use service layer, Uow, Repository pattern, using both DBcontext in your project ?
    Right now in your project you have just added the libraries but not actually implemented it. It will be helpful if you show with example as we are following same architecture.
    Thanks !

  • Eduardo Frare

    Hi Janak,
    Can you please show us how we can use SystemDbContex for multiple databases.

    Thank you,