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Hosting Rocket chat in windows 10 using docker

Rocket chat is open source web chat platform. If you want to host chat application in your own environment then rocket chat is #1 chat platform to choose. It provide almost all features which modern chat application like slack, hipchat provide now. You can customize lots of things with rocket chat to make suitable for your environment. Few customizable features are like user authentication with social sites or your own OAuth server, using your own mailing and SMS gateway etc. etc.

I will be writing series on how to install rocket chat in your local environment, adding custom authentication, integrating REST API with mobile clients etc.

In this first post, I will show you how to host rocket chat in windows 10 machine in docker. Rocket chat has good documentation which you can find here. Process is same as official documentation mentioned but I have a few tips in case you run in any problem.


  • Make sure your machine can satisfy these requirements.
  • Download and install docker.
  • Check if docker is running successfully or not. Type docker --version in PowerShell it should show current version of docker installed in your machine.
  • [Tips] Though docker is successfully installed sometimes you may run into problem. Error like, docker machine file not found. In my case solution is I opened Hyper-V and start MobyLinuxVM Virtual Machine. Then it works fine. Make sure you have enough memory to run this virtual machine or docker. If your problem does not solve with this tips just do a quick google search.
  • Create a file named docker-compose.yml and copy paste following script

  • Move to the above file directory and enter command docker-compose up. Now docker will pull latest version of mongo and rocket chat images and extract it. Wait until sever fully start.
  • Now navigate to http://docker:3000 or http://[LOCAL_IP]:3000 and access your very own rocket chat sever.

Server while running:

Happy Coding! 🙂