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Integrating Facebook login provider in rocket chat

Rocket chat provides number of OAuth login provider option for signup/login including your own custom OAuth Provider. In this tutorial I will show how to integrate Facebook as a login provider. Few of the login provider options:


  • Log in as admin and navigate to Administration > OAuth tab. Expand facebook tab.
  • Set Facebook Login option true to get facebook login button in login page.
  • Create new facebook app.
  • Get Facebook Login as product and set required option along with rocket chat callback url.

  • You can set call back URL as per your host name from rocket chat admin dashboard. In my case i have hosted rocket chat locally so i got local IP along with port number.
  • Now get AppId and AppSecret of facebook app from Settings > Basic tab.
  • Back to rocket chat dashboard, Put AppId and AppSecret in facebook tab.

That’s it. Yes you have successfully added facebook as a login provider in your rocket chat. Now back to login page and you will see facebook login button. Click that button and you will go through regular facebook OAuth login process and once all verified from facebook part you will redirect back to your application.

  • Facebook login provider button in login page

  • Logged in from facebook

This is warm up post for next post. Next, i will show you how to integrate your own custom OAuth login provider in rocket chat.

Happy Coding 🙂