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John Sonmez’s blogging course review

It has been almost 2 years that I started blogging where I am sharing stuff related to my programming journey (with .NET, Azure, and other Open Source stuff). I am few post away to hit the 50th post on this blog. Up to now, I take this blog as a space to share my programming knowledge but now I want to do more with this blog (i.e. earn some passive income). So I want to learn some blogging and money making courses. Since I am long time follower of John’s online content I want to give a try to his blogging courses. I was planning to take money making the course (10 ways to make money with your blog) but first I want to finish his blogging course (Create a blog to boost your career) for a beginner. After all, I want to learn things from the ground up. Now my next target is his “10 ways to make money with your blog” course.

This course sums up in total five lessons. Here are a list of a lesson and its brief description.

Lesson 1 – Choosing a theme

In this first lesson, John was trying to help you to choose a blog theme, not a site theme but content theme. You can find exercise to do which helps you to find your interested theme. You will learn how broad or specialize should your theme be, pros and cons of broad and specialize theme etc.

Lesson 2 – Creating your blog

In the second lesson, he talks about how to create a WordPress blog and gets started within 5 minutes with lots of helpful resources that you need while starting.

Lesson 3 – Coming up with post ideas

If you take action right away on each lesson then now you will have a brand new blog but without any post. So here you can learn how to come up with blog post ideas, he mentioned lots of sources where you can find an idea for your upcoming posts. Just a sneak peek, he will suggest you to write 50 blog post idea based on his possible idea sources.

Lesson 4 – Committing to consistency

In this lesson, he talks about how to commit yourself to improve your blogging habit. He shares different tips and tricks on how to become consistent in your blogging activities like writing articles. He also shares why consistency is so important and how you are going to benefit from this habit in long run.

Lesson 5 – Getting Traffic

In the last lesson, he shares different ideas which help to get traffic on your blog. Actually, I am planning to implement his traffic generating ideas and want to see the result.

That’s it. This is little sneak peek of John’s blogging course. Now if you think this course will help you to get started with blogging then you can get it from here.

My take from this course is how to become consistency in shipping articles, how to collect content ideas, traffic generating ideas etc. Also what I really I liked about this course is he will help you on each lesson with his real world experience which will be really helpful to understand that lesson.

Happy Blogging. 🙂