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External login provider in AspNet Core

Currently i am developing a simple web application (my side project https://test-api.net/) where developers can get mock API for test purpose and i want to set up login feature but i don’t want to put classical username/password so i was searching for suitable login provider where most of developer hang around and came up with GitHub as login provider because this is a place where developer hang around most and it will be easy to use as a login provider.

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Hosting Rocket chat in windows 10 using docker

Rocket chat is open source web chat platform. If you want to host chat application in your own environment then rocket chat is #1 chat platform to choose. It provide almost all features which modern chat application like slack, hipchat provide now. You can customize lots of things with rocket chat to make suitable for your environment. Few customizable features are like user authentication with social sites or your own OAuth server, using your own mailing and SMS gateway etc. etc.

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Simple Auth server sample using Identity Server 4


This project Obsolete now. For sample with new builds of Identity Server 4 check official sample repo of Identity Server.

I build simple Auth server sample using Identity Server 4 and ASP.Net Identity membership service. You can fork the repo and customize it as per your need. This is just a basic sample but i am working to add other advance pieces too.

Project is on Github.

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Upload file from swagger UI in ASP.NET Core Web API

If you want to learn how to add swagger in ASP.Net Core then check my previous post. In this post I will show you how to customize swagger UI to upload file in ASP.Net Core Web API project. First let’s add an action which will be responsible to upload file in our API. If you want to know more about how to upload file (from Postman) and save it in azure storage then check my previous post.

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File upload in ASP.NET Core web API

In this post I will show how to upload file in ASP.NET Core API and store it in Azure storage as blob.

To accept file you can use IFormFile type object. Based in your requirement you can use IFormFile or ICollection<IFormFile> type as a parameter for API action. IFormFile expose properties like FileName, Name, ContentDisposition, Length and other many more useful properties and methods.

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