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Its Official, I am Microsoft MVP

Along with all excitement from BUILD 2016 I am very happy and excited to share that i am awarded as Microsoft MVP (Windows Development Category).

This is my first MVP title so i am even more excited. And excited as always to learn and share with community.

Once again Big Thanks to Microsoft and Community.

Upgrading windows 8.1 app to windows 10

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is awesome. Developing single binary and deploying in any windows-powered device is really awesome. And another most awesome thing is you can even upgrade your existing windows/phone application to windows 10 (UWP) app. Here I will share how to upgrade windows 8.1 app to windows 10. I have a very simple windows 8.1 app (available in store) and I want to upgrade it. These are the steps I followed.

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Custom Pop up dialog box in Windows phone 8.1

If u want to show any notification for a few seconds then you probably prefer pop up dialog box which show message and disappear in few seconds rather than message dialog or content dialog for which you have to press manually to remove it. For one of my application I made a simple popup control to show simple notification like internet connection status or data not found. For this i used TextBlock and wrap it with Border and control its opacity and visibility using blend.

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