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Recovering azure websites credentials from MySQL database

I am not a regular blogger so i open my azure website dashboard in long gap but last time I forgot my username and password. I tried real hard to remember username and password but unable to do it. And also I don’t have more knowledge about web development and stuffs so i have no idea how to recover my credentials. But thanks to my friend Sailendra (WordPress developer) for guiding me to get that credentials. So what I do is:

  1. Go to your azure web apps tab and click your site there you get Mysql database attached to that site.
  2. If you click that database it opens in cleaerDB site where it says you can use some of these software to manage your database. In my case I download MySQL Workbench.
  3. Now open MySQL Workbench and connect with your MySQL database of azure website.
  4. Process is:
  • Click the Database tab in tab bar on top and connect database there you will get a form
  • In azure dashboard you can get connection string of your site get that connection string
  • Enter details of data source of connection string as a Hostname in workbench and leave port blank
  • Enter username and password from connection string and click OK.
  • Then you will connect with your MySQL database.
  1. Now in the bottom left side you will see database schema which are already existed in your MySQL database, click that
  2. Again click table tab there you will see collection of tables from where you have to select wp_users table
  3. If you put mouse over that table you will get option so from those option click the option having table icon
  4. Then you get access to the table of list of users but passwords are encrypted and also query editor in top.
  5. Now encrypt your new password which you want to set (do quick google search for password encryption) for wordpress blog and by using MySQL UPDATE query you can update that table. (query looks like UPDATE [table_name] SET user_pass=’[Your_Encrypted_Password]’ WHERE ID=1;)

Here is where your database located:

Now you are ready with your new password. Get username and password and login to website dashboard. Although i didn’t take more pictures while doing this but it is really easy to do.

Thats it. 🙂