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[Tips]Setting homepage in azure website while deploying from github

After you deploy your site from github, your website root page/directory (yourdomain.azurewebsites.net) may or may not redirect to your site root page ( site main page likes start.html, main.html, home.html) which you used while developing. There are few pages name which are mostly used are predefined in application setting of setting page. It looks like this.

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Recovering azure websites credentials from MySQL database

I am not a regular blogger so i open my azure website dashboard in long gap but last time I forgot my username and password. I tried real hard to remember username and password but unable to do it. And also I don’t have more knowledge about web development and stuffs so i have no idea how to recover my credentials. But thanks to my friend Sailendra (WordPress developer) for guiding me to get that credentials. So what I do is:

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