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John Sonmez’s blogging course review

It has been almost 2 years I started blogging where I am sharing stuffs related to my programming journey (with .NET, Azure and other OS stuffs). I am few post away to hit 50th post on this blog. Up to now I take this blog as a space to share my programming knowledge but now I want to do more with this blog (i.e. earn some passive income). So I want to learn some blogging and money making courses. Since I am long time follower of John’s online content I want to give a try to his blogging courses. I was planning to take money making course (10 ways to make money with your blog) but first I want to finish his blogging course (Create a blog to boost your career) for beginner, after all I want to learn things from ground up. Now my next target is his “10 ways to make money with your blog” course.

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